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Choosing the right attorney is important! 

Finding a lawyer can be both overwhelming and scary. How do you know who can you trust? Who will do the best job? It is important to thoroughly research attorneys before selecting one. Review websites such as Avvo.com so when you hire Newman & Cyr, you know you’re hiring a reputable, experienced, and trustworthy firm with a proven track record.


We know the law. We also know the science. Our practice focuses on the defense of DWI offenders and representing those charged with crimes in Tompkins County and surrounding counties. We represent clients in any city of Watkins Glen.

Regardless of the size of the legal battle you are facing, you will need experienced, qualified, and expert legal representation. We focus our practice on the specific laws pertaining to DWI, criminal defense, and traffic-related defense.

We offer a FREE initial consultation to review the complaint against you, describe your rights and options, and explain how we can best protect, defend, and represent you. When we talk, we’ll also explain our fees and payment policies. We are available 24 hours at 607-229-5184, and will come to you.

My two best experiences in Ithaca are my son’s graduation from Cornell and retaining Mr. Cyr.

— Cat

Did you receive a DWI in Watkins Glen?

Below you will find links to pages containing detailed information about various DWI and DWAI charges in Watkins Glen.  We have written the articles below to help our prospective and current clients gain a better understanding of the charge(s) they may be facing, and to give some basic examples of how we might defend them. We hope this info will provide some insight into the process for a DWI in Watkins Glen and the surrounding areas. We hope that by reading the articles below the prospect of a criminal charge will be a little less scary.

The information below does not answer ALL questions. If you have questions or want to discuss your specific situation, we encourage you to call us directly at 607-229-5184 or request a free consultation using the form below.

DWI & DWAI Resources

Larry is great! His thorough, thoughtful and caring review of situations is unmatched. He guided me through every step of the situation and was able to help achieve what I consider the best possible outcome for my situation. His step by step, systematic approach keeps clients informed and updated. Thanks!

— Satisfied Client

We can help with Watkins Glen criminal offenses.

We have written and compiled a series of articles about some the most common criminal offenses we defend on a regular basis in Watkins Glen. We just focused on the ones that we get the most questions about from our prospective and current clients, however, the specific crimes we listed below are not the only kinds of crimes we defend.

The information below does not answer ALL questions. If you have questions or want to discuss your specific situation, we encourage you to call us directly at 607-229-5184 or request a free consultation using the form below.

Criminal Offense Resources

I’m able to have the life I have today due to Mike’s dedication to providing the best possible defense.

— Marco

We can help with Watkins Glen traffic defense.

At NEWMAN & CYR, we defend traffic-related tickets/charges.  Below is a compilation of information about traffic offenses and some of their consequences. If you read through it, you will see that traffic tickets in Watkins Glen are not always just violationssometimes they are actually criminal charges. You’ll notice that it is a complex area of law.

Our best advice to anybody with a ticket is to give us a call about your ticket and we will give you a free evaluation of what to expect, what punishments you are facing, and what your next steps should be. With this information, you can make a more educated decision regarding whether you want a lawyer or not.

We are here to help and can be reached at 607-229-5184.

Traffic Offense Resources

First of all, when this happened to me I was in a complete panic! I was depressed and confused. This website and reviews just like mine was why I chose Larry. He got back to me right away, himself. There is no secretary between you and him. Larry is ALWAYS available and has a way of looking at life that make a DUI seem manageable. He got me the best options available. He also navigated the frustrating multiple court cases and got everything done as soon as possible. I lost my job and had to move. It was a real low in my life and Larry never let me forget that even though bad things happen to everyone, good highs can come after the lowest lows. Hire him, you will NOT regret it!

— Sheli

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When it comes to legal defense, knowledge is power.

Attorneys Larry Newman and Mike Cyr have written several ebooks to help our clients and the general public better understand some complicated areas of law that relate to our practice. Most of our topics are designed to provide information that may be hard to find or does not exist on the internet! We hope that you enjoy these free ebooks authored by attorneys in our office.

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